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Our food philosophy

Toast Amsterdam is based on these guiding principles: quality, creative flexitarian cuisine and the use of local, seasonal products. We are a gastronomic catering business and love to serve you with passion and memorable flavours. 

Good food and good health are important to us. We only cook up dishes that we love to eat ourselves, and trust us, we're picky eaters! And it just so happens that what we like is good for you, for our community and for the planet.

Let’s create a memorable food experience! Eating, drinking, and above all, coming together to bond over food. 



All of our appetisers are served with a variety of artisan breads on the side

Butterbean hummus


Spicy Pimenton and feta hummus 


Beetroot and almond dip


Artisanal burrata


Salmon tataki and tomato salad


Mustard, grape and sprouts salad


Farmers fruits and nuts salad


Parsley, beetroot and potato salad 


Romesco dip 


Mediterranean breads and dips

Focaccia bites, baguette slices, beetroot and almond cream, and Pimenton spiced feta hummus 


Trio of tapenades

A variety of cheeses and sticks with black olive tapenade, sun-dried tomato tapenade and artichoke tapenade 



Vegan Japanese mushroom risotto


Asparagus risotto


Miso glazed salmon


Orange and tahini glazed eggplant with a crumble of pistachios


Argentinian aji lime prawns with coriander 


Spanish pisto (vegetarian vegetable tomato stew)


Fragrant herb spiced chicken pot with garbanzo beans



Roasted pumpkin


Golden rice


Walnut pesto rice salad


Broccolini with tahini drizzle and hazelnut pesto


BBQ spiced sweet potato wedges 


Creamy potato mash 


5 herbs vegetable bake

Toast Amsterdam Catering is dedicated to providing high quality healthy food, drinks and bespoke, personalised catering. We do this with passion, a large dose of creativity and personal attention.

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